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The reason of naming 'Higher Health " is...

Нийтэлсэн: 2012/01/30

The reason if naming "High Health" is to be turned human origin and structure into healthy, holy and perfect. As a general understanding, human being consists of Arga and Bilig. It means. Arga/ Bilig- the male or positive element in nature, the principle of light and life; the female or negative principle in nature, abstract nature; it is the opposite of a presage or a potent. Therefore Arga or body must be perfect and healthy, Bilig or abstract nature should be without an abnormal. If so we can define "High Health" is a beauty body, chaste and gracious soul, lucid and wise mind, an equal and tranquility inner wind circulation, pure and radiant amin oron/inner space/, and perfect enlightened ghost awareness. This definition distinguishes from previous other definitions because it completely embraces human origin and structure. As a definition of High Health, three basic goals and actions of Medicine such as preventing, diagnosing and treating can be worked in six fields of body, mind, inner wind and amin oron/inner soul's space/ equally and simultaneously. You might think that doctor's work strain may increase 6 times. Yes, it will. But not six times, it will be sixty times. And the result will increase a hundred times. Radical treatment relieves doctors from their work strain by an enlightened gladness. However the theory and action of High Health seems like a wide range, prefunding content, reaching and not reaching, with the limit of an existence and nonexistence and connected and difficulty, it is an extremely simple like our daily life if it is carried out. Because it is not a theory someone worked out and it is just about a space of soul, thought, awareness, mind, and body organism. The theory and philosophy of High Health don't mudsling, invade, approve, gossip and even praise, and it just expresses real truth. And its purpose is to introduce to the medicine when an original external and internal coherence of the body, mind and soul is researched equally. High Health means that everybody will lead itself towards perfect health, reasoning, tranquil, and enlightenment. Also High Health cleans daily fear by evening and it also a painless and harmless life and a final goal of being born as human being in the world. You can't reach a good result if you study by such ways of listening, reading, and testing. So you should study by a way of overcoming. If you do it well, you can acquire "High Health". High Health will consciously join to the power of the Eternal Heaven, so it is only one way of redeeming the sun, world, the earth and all life as well as the mankind. People need life's experience, confidence, effort, merciful, and love better than occupation, knowledge, ability, talent, rank and title in order to acquire the theory, knowledge and practice of High Health. Briefly, you and all need it. High Health is the Buddha's creation for all.

 High Health


1. Objective

Our aim is to introduce the concept of "High Health" and ways to attain it. What is meant by "High Health"? "High Health" provides a holistic approach to health care and we define it in the following statements:

Healthy body leads to healthy appearance.

Healthy mind produces effective thinking

Pure soul fosters forgiving nature Inner harmony brings tranquility.

Clean biosphere creates radiant and transparent state in a human being.

We believe that the near future there will be a trend among the people in the developed countries to attain this state of "High Health"6 We take it to the task to start it in Mongolia.

2.Theoretical foundation

The methods we use in our center are a combination of those of the traditional Mongolian and Eastern medical practices that study a human being in connection with his mind and the 5 main elements/makhbod/ of the Universe -earth, water, fire, wind and space. These practices are found on the belief that there is a very strong interrelationship between a life of a human being and the Universe. According to the traditional Mongolian astrology periodical biorhythms and their directions in a human being are depended on the planter changes, position of stars, the moon and the sun as well as the state of the environment and that these factors have a great influence on the state of mind and health of a human.

We also use the studies and practices of the traditional Mongolian, Tibetan and Indian philosophies that teach and promote inner self-knowledge. We take into consideration the evidence of the latest discoveries and findings of modern medical and physical sciences. We take a complex approach to health care and attempt to advance it from a biomolecular level of understanding and treatment of diseases to the next level that will also include the individual's need of body, mind and spirit in an integrated way.

3. Practical foundation

L/idgriUillC results or the state of health of patient received according to the calculations by the traditional Mongolian astrology are confirmed to be valuable and are necessarily included into the course of the patient's treatment. Acupuncture, manual therapy and other esoteric methods used in the traditional Mongolian, Japanese and Chinese medicines provide effective curative and preventive results. We also place a great value on a regenerative ability of a living organism in the periods of stress and diseases.


We take an approach that all elements of a human body should be balanced and thus body, energy and mind should be in a state of harmony. We teach to use periods of the most favorable state of planets, stars and nature to optimize one's health potential. We introduce methods of teaching to use cosmic energy for purifying and cleansing of blood circulation and breathing on an everyday basis. We place an important role on teaching an individual to self-govern his or her body through a series of respiration and breathing practice and meditation. These practices help to relieve stress, heal, and prevent illnesses. Thus our healing and preventive treatment methods for reaching a balance state of physical, mental and spiritual health include knowledge and information, cleansing and purification, overall health maintenance, concentration, meditation and mantric recitation.

5. Treatment methods

The following curative and preventive methods have been drawn from a wealth of traditional empirical knowledge accumulated over thousands of years of human experience.

These methods consists of the following:

1.Informed treatment

2.Cleansing treatment       Of blood and lymph

                                                Of 5 vital organs

                                                Of 6 hollow organs

                                                Of bones and joints

3.Purification treatment       Mental




4.Health maintenance         Create a calm and kind environment

                                                  Use cosmic energy to cleanse

                                                  Use earth energy to cleanse

                                                   Use meditation and mantras

                                                   Use sound and light to cleanse

5.Govern oneself                     Use relaxation

                                                    Use warming up


6. Benefits of the program

High health program emphasizes a synthesis of modern Western medical knowledge and practices with the traditional oriental healing methods. It improves not only physical health but also mental and spiritual well-being of people as well as prevents illnesses. In addition in introduces the most effective and easily accessible methods to achieve to program goals for every member of a society.

7.Program implementation

We seek the support of the government agencies and rely on the expert opinion of medical and research professionals to enhance our program for the benefit of the society. We intend to introduce long distance teaching programs to reach the nomadic population and use all media sphere to educate people about our program. "ODI" healing and study center is an example of such an endeavor and it supports the movement to reach "High Health" goals.

8. Difficulties in program implementation

We estimate that we may face delays in our program implementation due to the lack of trained practitioners in the field of " High Health" and the initial unreceptiveness on the part of the medical professionals and administrators.

9. Program result

We expect that all participants of the program will be rid themselves of their illness. In consequence healthy individuals from a healthy society in which the level of stress will go down radically. Every member of the society will learn ways to keep body, mind and spirit balanced and how to live without illness and be able to work effectively and productively.

Let us finish with a dedication to our medicine gods Jantsan, Od, Sakhalt.

Written by: Tserendorj. Khand , from "Borjigon" family Contributors : Baata Puntsag

Aleksandr. Tsagaanmaam.